Client Relationships

Client Relationships

Teamwork doesn’t happen by accident but is an intentional cultivation of relationships. TEAM structures relationships in a variety of ways. Each relationship is structured to fit specific client and project needs. Examples of relationship structures are presented below.

Collaborative Development 

TEAM works closely with your technical staff to design, execute and evaluate experiments. This close working, hands on approach is highly collaborative and reduces technology transfer burdens.

Virtual Collaboration

TEAM participates in the development of your product as part of a larger group of independent subject matter experts. This type of relationship is often a good fit for small companies developing a new molecule. 

Team Expert Development

TEAM takes the lead in the project with your company participating in regular progress updates. This approach is well suited if your resources are deployed elsewhere.

Contract Manufacturer

TEAM executes your product manufacturing expectations ensuring your product is ready when you need it. Technology may be transfered to TEAM or developed by TEAM. We have the expertise, equipment and quality systems to efficiently and effectively deliver your product.