TEAM has a wide range of processing capabilities for solid oral dosage forms. Our facility is designed for flexibility to meet the needs of your specific project. cGMP areas are available for regulated processing and non-GMP areas are available to accelerate development.

A broad range of equipment from top equipment manufacturers enables multiple unit operations. Scale-up from less than 1 kg to 300 kg is available. We use equipment from well known manufacturers such as Glatt, GEA, Patterson & Kelley, Thomas Engineering, Alexanderwerk, Fitzpatrick, Quadro, Servolift, and more.


  • Powder milling
  • Powder classification
  • Powder blending
  • Roller compaction
  • Wet granulation
  • Roto-granulation
  • Fluid bed drying
  • Fluid bed granulation (top spray)
  • Fluid bed particle coating
  • Tableting – B & D tools (instrumented)
  • Tablet coating
  • Encapsulation – Powder, Beads, Tablets
  • Blister Packaging – Thermoform & Coldform
  • Bottling
  • Stability Storage – 25-50℃, 60-75%RH 

In-house testing services support and accelerate development activities by providing fast turnaround. This allows for multiple iterations in a short period of time.


  • HPLC
  • Flourescence
  • Dissolution
  • pH
  • Texture analysis